06 Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Plastic Bottles

Plastic pollution has become the focus of media attention in recent years because of its harmful impact on the environment. However, you are able to help to prevent this when recycling your old plastic bottles into beautiful craft items to decorate your lovely house while keeping the environment clean and unpolluted.   

Therefore, if you are keeping some bottles and need some ideas to recycle them, let check our collection for you to consider.

Here are some ideas for you!

1. Recycle Plastic Bottles – Beautiful Flowers

This magical and beautiful decoration is super easy to get. You just need to collect plastic bottles and cut them into small pieces in different shapes and lengths. After that, stick them together with glue and create whatever shapes you like.

2. Magnificent Chandelier

This trick gives your home an extremely cheap yet pretty chandelier. You need a little bit of craftsmanship to form old bottles into the shape you want. However, the result will surprise you and your guests who visit your house.

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3. Recycle Plastic Bottles – Colorful Walls

With some vivid plastic bottles, you can make your home a colorful wall. For this craft, you should use the bottom part or the lid of the bottle to get the best decoration. You will absolutely be overwhelmed by the result.

4. A Unique Front Door Wreath

Using some transparent bottles and colorful paints, you will have a striking wreath and then take it to decorate your front door at Christmas.

5. Easy-to-make Jewelry Stand

If you get troubles in keeping your jewelry neat and don’t have enough money to buy an expensive stand, just take a look at this idea. You will be surprised!

6. Christmas Tree

If you love handmade items for your Christmas, let choose a Christmas tree made from plastic bottles. It is both cheap and environmentally friendly.

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