06 Impressive Kitchen Flooring Ideas That Will Refresh Your Mood

A great kitchen floor will give your kitchen a beautiful look and even a cozy ambiance. There are several different ways to design a stunning floor in your kitchen from several materials like hardwood, granite, stone, or tiles. Here are 10 impressive kitchen flooring ideas that you can consider to apply for your beloved home.

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1. Kitchen Flooring IdeasHardwood

One of the most popular kitchen flooring ideas is hardwood. Hardwood is famous for a good body that easy to display in most rooms. There are 3 types of hardwood including medium, light, and dark ones. You can apply a type that is suitable for your house tone.

2. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a solid material that is not easy to break or crack apart. Therefore, you can use a floor made from porcelain tiles for a long time. This neutral color brings in a strong look to any part of your home.

3. Travertine

This is a limestone material that comes with a light tone. Among the best kitchen flooring ideas, this is a durable type of stones you can use. Moreover, it can be replaced easily if it’s cracked or broken.

4. Kitchen Flooring IdeasConcrete

Recently, a concrete tone has become more popular in general. This offers a smooth grayish look that is modern and elegant. The greatest feature of this concrete is that it can resist moisture well and be used for a long time.

5. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a synthetic material that brings in a wood-like look. This is also a great water-resistant material that you can clean any water on the floor easily.

6. Marble

If you want some flooring ideas that are luxurious and gorgeous, marble is the best choice. The surface of the floor when you apply marble is impressive and shiny. And you can easily change a broken or cracked tile when needed.

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