08 Cool and Active Boys’ Room Décor Ideas for Your Prince

Decorating your son’s room might be struggled because almost all boys’ thoughts are different from their parents’. You surely don’t want to argue with them about their ugly bed or old-fashioned decoration in the next 5 or 10 years. Their mental changes swiftly and you’re hard to catch up with them. Therefore, the best way to create a room suitable for them is to consult with them about their dream room. By this way, they won’t have any chance to blame you because of their room. Another good way is searching for boys’ room décor ideas on the Internet.

To help you avoid arguing with your little (but naughty) son, we’ve collected 10 cool and active boys’ room décor ideas in recent years and we hope they will satisfy your wish. A small note: for girls who love sporty and active rooms, these ideas are suitable, too.

1. Boy’s Room Décor – Add a Slide

This cool idea brings your kid a playing area that encourages him to be more active and healthier. There are some ways to add a slide like a half-stair and half-slide hybrid or a full slide. Sometimes, you can play with your son with this slide to increase your relationship.

2. Show Passions

A bedroom can be a gallery to show your son’s passions about something. It can be his favorite sport, dream job, popular toys, and games, or so on. It is hard for you to imagine how proud he is when showing them to other people.

3. Hang a Map

Almost all boys love to discover all corners of the world when they listen to adults’ stories. So, this boys’ room décor idea provokes the love of exploring in them. Moreover, for some kids having difficulties in Geography, the map will be an efficient reminder tool.


4. Geometrics

Several boys are keen on geometrics. These shapes are strong and bold that will fit boys’ characteristics.

5. Boys’ Room Décor – Display Toys

Like showing their passions, displaying toys is a great way to introduce your son’s favorite toys to everyone. By arranging them neatly on the shelf, you can also enhance your son’s responsibility to keep them safe and unbroken.

6. Animal-Pattern Decoration

A tiger blanket or an animal wall art will satisfy your kid. He will think he is as strong as a tiger and it encourages him to be stronger. Furthermore, some say it will create the inside confidence for your kid. 

7. Nautical-Inspired Style

One of the most famous boys’ room décor ideas for boys is this nautical-inspired style because it is active and youthful. The bright blues of the room make your kid more active, exciting, and funnier.

8. Boy’s Room Décor – Youthful Patterns

A youthful detailed wallpaper adds an energetic touch to the room. With this décor, you can easily change the wallpaper when your kid grows up.

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