08 Low Light Indoor Plants That’ll Make Your Life Easier

One of the biggest problems that almost all houseplant lovers are facing is that they forget to water and put their plants in the sunlight. However, there are plenty of plants that adapt to live in the shadow or low-light areas. You can consider growing these low light indoor plants in every room of your house.

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Can You Grow a Plant in Darkness?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are little plants that can survive in darkness, especially ornamental plants. However, several plants can grow healthily in low light areas. Such places like kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or basement might be a good place to cultivate your green.

List of Low Light Indoor Plants

1. Cast Iron Plant

The plant is famous for its stability when neglected. Cast iron plants are one of the best low light indoor plants that can live in bad conditions.

2. Low Light Indoor PlantsPhilodendron

Philodendron has a lot of varieties that are great to grow inside the house. Don’t put it under the direct sun but water it regularly.

3. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo can grow easily in a pot of water and low light conditions.

4. Prayer Plant

This cute plant is unique. Its leaves are open during the day and close at night. Moreover, if it is happy, it will get tiny flowers.

5. Low Light Indoor Plants Corn Plant

Corn plant is like a corn stalk that grows in the field. They are low-maintenance and easy to grow in low light conditions.

6. Snake Plant

This is one of the most popular indoor plants that appear in almost every house. They can easily thrive on neglect with dry soil and low light conditions.

7. Dragon Tree

The special features of dragon trees are their leaves and colors. You can love them at the first sight.

8. Chinese Evergreen

This foliage plant is gorgeous and cute which is great for home décor or office décor.

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