08 Must-try Ivy League Haircuts for Men That You Should Try 2020

When you want to choose a stylish and polished hairstyle, it must be the ivy league haircuts. Thanks to its clean and preppy look, the ivy league helps a gentleman achieve an “office” as well as a modern look. Check out these 08 must-try ivy league haircuts and you can find a haircut that fits you the most.  

1. Classic Ivy League Haircut

The haircut requires a neatly tapered cut on the sides and the longer hair on top to comb it into a side part.

2. Textured Ivy League Haircut

A textured ivy league can help you to look contemporary and cool with a bit of hair product. The sides and back of the hair are cut faded while the top is tapered to make it blend properly.

3. Ivy League with Fade

There are several variations of ivy league haircuts you can try like this ivy league with fade, a more modern and on-trend variation.

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4. Short Ivy League Haircut

Those who are a little bit lazy to style the hair will consider this haircut the best ivy league haircut ever because it does not take too much time to care for and maintain.

5. Long Ivy League Haircut

This long ivy league haircut is ideal for men with an oblong shape because it balances the narrowness of your face features with its flattering look.

6. Ivy League with Side Part

This haircut is a little bit different from other types of ivy league haircuts. To make your hair on top and your part stand out, try to comb your hair backward and then comb to create a straight, clear art on one side.

7. Ivy League with Undercut

Do you want to have a cool ivy league haircut? Let try this one. An undercut helps the ivy league cut much more eye-catching and impressive.

8. Curly Ivy League

If your hair is naturally curly, don’t hesitate to try this one. It surprisingly makes your look smooth and nice.

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