10 Charming Dope Box Braids For All Women To Try

You love braided hairstyles and you want to try something new? These styles will bring you to surprise with different looks, from colorful and short to long and neutral. This traditional African braid can bring you back to the ’90s period – an era of black television, music, and movies. Box braids are also great choices for girls who don’t want too much maintenance. They can be used for weeks without any conditioner or hair gel. Moreover, you can style box braids on any face shapes and texture, too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out what stunning designs this hairstyle can offer you!

1. Knotless Box

Not all box braids need to be tied tightly from your scalp. Sometimes, they can be attached starting with your own hair and gradually feeding in the braids. That’s how you style a knotless braid.

2. Bohemian Box Braids

If you assume box braids cannot be cute and sweet, then the bohemian braid will make you think again. Mixing a little beautiful boho style with a cool box braid can make you look more stunning and delicate. Caramel and blonde hair color are really outstanding on dark skin. 

3. Crochet Box

This is a top suggestion for you to try as crocheting braids into your hair is a lot quicker than doing sew-ins. A deep side part together with this will make you look more attractive. 

4. One-side Cornrows

Cornrows is another African hairstyle that is loved by most modern women nowadays. A little mix between this and box braids can create an amazing effect for any girls who like spectacular changes.

5. Twist Box

It seems like mixing box braids with other hairstyles always creates stunning results. Box braid with a twist is not an exception. It can be even more gorgeous when being added a little color.

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6. Updo Box

If you want to change a new style without having to undo your box braids, then make an updo hair. Pull the front part of your hair back into a cute bun updo. You can add a big scrunchie or simply wind your own braid around it.

7. Box Braids with Beads

Accessories are among the most important things that decide whether you look splendid or not. The rule is the same for box braids, too. Stack a couple of beads at the end or middle of your hair for a unique look, and everyone will envy you. 

8. Jumbo Box

Do you want to skip the hassle of sitting for six hours while your stylist braids in jumbo styles? You can add some colors to make it look more gorgeous.

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9. Faux Hawk

You may have seen these hairstyles in rock bands with unique looks. Yet, it’s not just suitable for these cool girls. It can look amazing on anyone, of course, if you want to try it. 

10. All-Over Color

Box braids can suit almost every color you can think of. Honey blonde for light skin girls or a full rainbow color hair for those who love a festival-ready look. 

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