10 Easiest Ways to Do A Cat Makeup for Halloween

Cats are one of the most mysterious animals on this planet. So, if you want to be mysterious on this Halloween, be a cat. Cat makeup can be simple or complicated. It’s up to you.

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All you need to do is finding some sexy outfit and wear cat makeup, then you’ll be ready to rock it. We rounded up the top 10 cat makeup for your inspiration. Pick one and practice until you’re ready.

1. Cat Makeup for Beginners

In case this is your first time, check out the step-by-step makeup tutorials of Youtuber Danielle Mansutti. I promise, it is super simple and the results are shocking.

2. Full-on Leopard

Wear leopard costumes and makeup if you want to appear sexy and powerful. It is so fun to draw all of those wild prints.

3. The Last Minute Cat

You know what? Better late than never. Here is the simple makeup that the procrastinators can achieve in a couple of minutes.

4. The Contoured Kitty

Upgrade your skill with the guideline of Arshia Moorjani. All of those contouring, contacts, and shading are worth your effort.

5. The Theatrical Cat

The Theatrical Cat is such a boom in 2019. Why not bring it back this year?

6. The Real Deal

For an even more authentic Cats style, watch Broadway cast member Emily Keane get into character backstage to steal her secrets.

7. The Lion Queen

This is my personal favorite. This classic makeup is so subtle but eye-catching than anything else.

8. Cat Makeup: All-Out Extra

If you want to devote 100% of your time, energy, and pigment, try out the Lisa Frank- inspired makeup look. You’ll shine wherever you go.

9. Cat Makeup: the Hair How-To

Want something new and impressive? Get your hair involved to completely be a cat.

10. The Feline Flick

It would be my fault not suggesting you this. But now, it’s your fault without making it in reality.

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