10 Exterior House Colors to Inspire Your Upcoming Shelter

A gorgeous exterior house color can have a tremendous impact on how other people consider your lifestyle, your taste, or even your intelligence. Besides that, it reflects the vibe of your house that you intend to show off. And more importantly, the outside color will tell about the geographical region and time period of your house. Different from your interior walls, painting the exterior costs you a fortune and requires a long-term period of use. Therefore, choosing your colors smartly and carefully is an important step. Take a short trip around our article of exterior house colors and select one or some colors suitable for your house.

1. A Classic Color – White

White is always the best color of all time. A classic, crisp shade will make others jaw-dropping.

2. Exterior House Colors – Light Grey

Welcome to one of the trendiest colors, light grey walls bring in a modern look to the house.

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3. Dark Grey

Another variation of grey, dark grey, will give your house the touch of sophistication with bold lines.

4. Turquoise Blue       

One of the most elegant exterior house colors, turquoise blue, will make your house elegant and noble.

5. Sage Green

The color with an earthy tone lets your house alongside nature.

6. Exterior House Colors – Butter Yellow

One of the most favorite colors this year belongs to this butter yellow. It provides a warm vibe but does not make overwhelming or overbearing.

7. Mustard Yellow

A strong yellow will work well on historic and modern house.

8. Colonial Blue

A shade of colonial blue brings in the house a sense of freshness and coolness.

9. Burgundy

A dark red gives the house a traditional look that impresses others at the first sight.

10. Exterior House Colors – Black

Of course, one of the most popular exterior house colors cannot be missed in this list. Over a long period of time, black still brings in the vibe of mystery and power. In this modern society, black also presents a minimal look.

11. Other Popular House Colors

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