10 Fall Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss Even in Quarantine

It’s middle of the summer and we are still stuck in quarantine. Luckily, many countries have reopened (aka you’re soon gonna meet friends and join up several parties and meetings with friends. Take this as a good chance to be the first one to rock the fall makeup trends. There’s not much time left until that day. Below are 10 fall makeup trends you cannot miss this summer. Scroll down and practice as a prep for summer.

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1. Smokey Blue Eye shadow for Fall 2020

Blue is the coolest color of the year. The combination of blue shade and smokey eyes would be ideal for this fall.

2. Fall Makeup Trends – White Eyeliner for Fall 2020

White eyeliner has been a trend since the beginning of the year, and it doesn’t seem to fade away this fall.

3. Nude Lips for Fall 2020

Fall is the season of nude and neutral lipstick color. Don’t miss this chance to wear your perfect match!

4. Fall Makeup Trends – Orange Eyeliner for Fall 2020

What I love about fall is the orange colors of leaves that fall down in every corner of the streets. Best mood to wear that hue on your eyes, right?

5. Smudged Floating Eyeliner for Fall 2020

Floating eyeliners are everywhere. But have you seen the eyeshadow version? You’ll not be disappointed this time.

6. Fall Makeup Trends – Dark Lipstick for Fall 2020

Wearing dark lipstick in summer or spring may be called insane, but in fall and winter, it’s a polar different story.

7. Fall Makeup Trends – Bright-Pink Eyeshadow for Fall 2020

That the temperature is lower doesn’t mean that the heat of bright pink eyeshadow cools down.

8. Glossy Lips for Fall 2020

Everything shining would become a trend this year, I give you my words.

9. Orange Blush for Fall 2020

 Pick the right orange tones for your skin and you’ll be the center of the party.

10. Lip Stains for Fall 2020

In case you are fed up with bold lips, it’s time to switch to lip stains for a softer look.

We love the Espoir Couture Lip Fluid Velvet.

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