10+ Modern Light Fixtures That Will Brighten Your Kitchen

We always want to bring lights to the areas we care for. And the kitchen is an important place like that. This is the place where you and your family spend the majority of time enjoying meals in a cozy and warm ambiance. If you’re truly passionate about decorating your kitchen, you can transform its look drastically. Some modern light fixtures might help you finish the look.

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Besides shedding light on the kitchen areas, these modern light fixtures also elevate the value of the kitchen to a higher level. Check out our collection of impressive kitchen lighting ideas to get the best result.

1. Exposed Wire Pendants

Add to your kitchen an industrial touch with these pendant lights.

2. Modern Light Fixtures – Dandelion Chandeliers

The kitchen is pretty playful and interesting when being decorated with dandelion chandeliers.

3. Brass Cage Lights

The color of the brass brings in a vintage look to the whole kitchen area.

4. Globular Lights

The globular shape is suitable for several kitchen styles. You can choose an industrial steel light or a wooden light depending on your current kitchen design.

5. Industrial Bulbs

These bulbs are simple but elegant and add a modern touch to the whole room. The industrial style is also a famous trend around the world, so you can try this to add a wow-factor to your kitchen.

6. Glass Light Fixtures

These lights make others think that they are invisible. However, the invisible feature makes it more elegant and remarkable.

7. Modern Light Fixtures – Pentagon Shapes

An open cage with pentagon shapes brings in a striking touch to the room. The shapes are charming to look at.

8. Geometric Shapes

Like the pentagon shapes, the geometric lights also create an impressive look. There are hundreds of shapes you can take to your kitchen.

9. A Row of Bulbs

This simple but complicated style livens up the room with its cozy light.

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