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10 Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls that Perfect for School

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Toddler Girls can have fun and functional hairdos that will look great. Well, will look great for as long as they can keep them in for. And all of the tutorials are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and master skill sets alike. Each helpful tutorial can be a great resource for those in major need of some serious hair inspiration. From adorable pigtails, simple braids, and cute Minnie Mouse buns, here are Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls on school or hairstyles ideas on any Occasions. Trust us, some of them only take five minutes (or less!) to create.

10 Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls

Look, get inspired and pick the best ones!

1. Half Up Braids

2. Braid and Bow Ponytail

This quick and easy style the perfect five-minute Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls that looks like it took much longer. A quick braid on top paired with an easy ponytail and sweet bow make this style almost effortless.

3. Bandana Bun

When you’re running out of ideas, bandana trick is best hairstyle for your girls.The bandana makes this easy hairstyles for toddler girls way cuter than the basic bun.

4. Puffy Pony

Let your little girl channel her inner Princess Jasmine with this adorable and Quick Hairstyles for Toddler Girls. Just a few elastics take the ponytail from basic to majestic, no braiding required.

5. French Braid

This sweet and simple style is perfect for the little girls obsessed with Frozen. Just give the basic french braid a diagonal slant to add some princess personality to a simple look.

6. Double Bun

If you need to keep your little girl’s hair back for a practice or sporting events, this is one of many quick hairstyles for that will keep things manageable. To obtain this look, gather her hair into pigtails high up on her head, then wrap each pigtail around in a spiral and secure the ends with a clip or a second ponytail holder.

7. Front Ponies

The bow does most of the work in this adorable hairstyles for toddler girls. Simply create tiny ponytails in the front, then secure them to the crown of the head with a bow.

8. Quick Curled Pigtails

Here’s another braid-free example on the list of easy hairstyles for toddler girls. Just two puffy pigtails will do the trick for a classic and cute style. Can even curl the ends for a classy touch.

9. Waterfall Bangs

Just a few minutes will do the trick for this unique hairstyles for toddler girls. Just section off the front pony first, then add a tiny bit of it into the next section before you tie it off.

10. Double Braid and Headband

You can use a bandana to spice up one of these easy hairstyles for toddler girls. Two basic braids give a Rosie the Riveter twist with this super cute red bandana



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