10 Ways to Add Glitter Into Your Makeup

10 Ways to Add Glitter Into Your Makeup

Glitter is all the sparkly rage right now, but it’s not always easy to incorporate into your makeup routine. Finding ways to add glitter into your makeup can create an instantly  gorgeous, sparkly look that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. But knowing where to apply it for the best effect can be be a tricky job, so here are my top 10 recommendations on ways to add glitter into your makeup!

  1. Glitter eyeliner

Adding a swipe of glitter eyeliner above your regular black at wing can instantly change up your look and add a pop of sparkle. Perfect for any eye look you could wear whether you want a full smoky eye, a clean lid, or just some definition in your crease, a glitter liner is perfect to spruce up your eye look. For a touch of glitter that isn’t too overwhelming to wear day to day, a simple glitter liner is the way to go.

2. Glitter cut crease liner

For those into that classic cut crease, spruce it up by adding a glitter liner along the crease. This is yet another perfect way to add glitter into your everyday makeup without it being too overwhelming. Adding definition to your crease with a little pop of sparkle, adding some glitter liner is a simple and easy way to define your cut crease and complete the look.

3. Glitter eyelid

Adding some glitter onto your eyelid will make it sparkle each time you flutter your lashes. This is just another example of the many ways to wear glitter! Using a foiled shadow or chunky glitter shadow will help you achieve this beautiful and radiant eyeshadow. For a little more drama and oomph on your eye look, add some glitter and sparkle for a beautiful eye look.

4. Glitter cut crease

Why not upgrade your cut crease makeup look with some glitter? Popping some glitter onto your cut crease can level out the blended smokiness of the crease. This is the perfect way to integrate elements of glitter into your makeup look for a more out there dramatic look.

5. Glitter inner corners

For subtle ways to wear glitter, pop some on in the inner corners instead of your regular highlight. For just a little bit of extra dimension to your eye look, a glitter inner corner is the way to go. If you just want a little pop of sparkle and colour, pop some on to complete your heavy smoky eye look or if you’re not wearing shadow at all.

6. Glitter lower lash line

The lower lash line is also a great place where glitter belongs. Applying some glitter on the lower lash line can instantly upgrade your look and a perfect way to add some colour to the look without it being too overwhelming. Highlighting the lower lash line is also the best way to emphasise your eye shape, and what better way to do the than glitter?

7. Glitter lip

If you want to go all out, top your favourite lip colour with some glitter. Be creative in the ways to wear glitter!  The glitter lip is sure to make a statement and make heads turn. Perfect to throw on for a party or for the holiday season, or when you’re just feeling bold for a day of errands, the glitter lip will be there for the spotlight.

8.Glitter cheekbones

Why not swap out your regular highlight with some glitter? For that all out music festival vibe, top your cheekbones with some glitter for the ultimate sparkle and highlight. For those who want a dramatic fairy look, pop some on your cheekbones! There are endless ways to add glitter!

9. Glitter Undereyes

Cover up those under eye imperfections with some glitter! Again, this look is perfect for music festivals, concerts, or parties that last all night long. Definitely a dramatic and head turning look, popping glitter under your eyes adds that beautiful boho chic to your look.

10. Glitter brows

Why not pop glitter onto your eyebrows instead of your eyes? This look keeps the eyes matte and adds all the glitter and sparkle onto the eyebrow. This is definitely a daring look for those who want that drama and attention. Perfect to wear to a music festival or a party in the summer, this is a fun one to try out!

From eyes, lips, brows, and cheekbones the ways to add glitter are endless. Which tips will you incorporate into your look to make it a little brighter?

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