11 Best Wall Décor Ideas That Will Fresh Your Home Space

Wall decoration is not a new topic in the house designing circle. But people still keep mentioning it in their daily conversation. It’s certainly because that wall decoration can bring back life to most boring or old-fashioned rooms in the house. The majority of people think this is an expensive and time-consuming project that is only for big and new houses. However, you don’t need to pay a fortune to renew the wall. At least with these wall décor ideas that are included in this list.

There are several items and ways to decorate a wall such as repainting the wall, adding a new and on-trend clock, or hanging a jigsaw puzzle. Choose a way that is suitable to your budget.

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Here, check out our list for wall décor ideas to refresh your house.

1. Renew the color

One of the basic ways to renew a room is to change the current old color. It might be your favorite color 10 years ago and now starts fading its color. You have 2 options: one, repaint a brand new color; two, just repaint with the old color. It’s super easy.

2. Pick up a Large-Scale Art

This is a new way to add a breath of fresh air to the room. An oversized art like a painting or a picture can draw attention and create a focal point to space. Painting with a color tone is contrary to the whole room might be a good option.

3. Show off a Gallery Wall

Showing of a gallery is also one of the most favorite wall décor ideas that many people refer to. A gallery can highlight the owner’s personality and hobby or even their taste of art.

4. Add a Differently Designed Wall

A wall decorated with a contrasting color or a different design can change the tone of the room significantly. If you love something outstanding or rule-breaking, try this design.

5. Wall Décor IdeasHang Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and make the room seem bigger than it actually is. Nowadays, mirrors are no longer limited by basic shapes like round or square. There are plenty of shapes that can be flexible to use to decorate.

6. Wall Décor IdeasCreate a Basket Wall

If you want something rustic, this idea is a perfect one. You can liven up the wall with a collection of different-sized baskets.

7. A Wall Full of Plants

Natural green is an indispensable factor that every house needs to have. Add some plants and you will receive some big benefits from them. Showing off a gallery and adding some plants are 2 wall décor ideas that are widely applied.

8. Install Bookshelf

A bookshelf can be a decorating item alongside a place to store knowledge. This classic designing way is popular in every house.

9. Wall Décor Ideas Add a Clock

A well-designed clock can be the focal point of the room and make every people look at it. There are also several types and shapes of clocks that you can design to fit your room.

10. A Large Map

A world map design can be a perfect decorating thing for the room. Everybody will pay attention to it.

11. Wall Décor IdeasJigsaw Puzzles

Hanging a jigsaw puzzle is not a bad idea. You can finish the puzzle with your family and hanging it is a good action of fastening the relationship and storing memories.

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