12 Excellent Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Decorating your bedroom wall is a vitally important step to show off your personality, your hobbies, or even your dream. Although people say ‘simple is better’, no one wants to wake up and look at a plain, boring white box every morning. Therefore, you must search for some bedroom wall decoration ideas to add more tones to your room and make it more vivid and livelier.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a colorful lover, these excellent decoration ideas will absolutely fit your lifestyle and be the focal point of your room. So let check out!

1. Wall Sculpture Art

A sculpture keeps your wall less simple as well as adds more textures and artistic factors to your room.

2. Mural

If you’re not sure about your drawing talent, just look for a shop selling murals or wallpapers.

3. Bedroom Wall Decoration – Antlers

For those who love antlers, this bedroom wall decoration idea is perfect because an antler brings in a vintage charm that everybody has to look at.

4. Tapestry

In recent years, using a tapestry as a wall decorating item is more and more popular because of its simple, easy-to-do, and low-maintenance features.

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5. Bookcase

A bookcase in the bedroom helps you show off your reading hobby and might be a decorating item too.

6. Picture Wall

Hanging a gallery of pictures warms your room up. Using your own memorable pictures or printable photos is optional.

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7. Bedroom Wall Decoration – Mirror

The presence of a mirror in your bedroom will add an elegant and sweet look. Moreover, a modern-designed mirror makes the room look more modern and trendy.

8. Trio Set

This is one of the most popular bedroom wall decoration ideas around the world. A trio set on the wall creates the focal point in the whole room.

9. Bedroom Wall DecorationPlant

Plants are always the best decor item because they also make your room greener and fresher. Add a shelf to put your plants wherever you want to make you happy every day.

10. Wallpaper

If you want to change your boring wall color but too lazy to repaint, just choose a beautiful and impressive wallpaper for your room.

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11. Bedroom Wall Decoration – Headboard

A headboard is not limited by a wooden one anymore, now you can decorate with a leather, steel, or even granite headboard which creates the bright, focal point at your bed.

12. Lacquer

If you don’t like your current wall color, let repaint it with gloss paints which are suitable for your style.

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