12 Most Inspiring Living Room Curtain Ideas in 2020

Although window curtains might be the last thing to set up to finish the house, they’re vitally important to care about because they add the final touch to the whole room. When it comes to living room curtain ideas, we have endless choices.

Here are 12 inspiring curtain ideas for you.

1. Curtain Tieback Effect

This simple treatment might help your living room get benefits from warm sunlight.

2. Lovely Living Room Curtain – Black and White

The dainty contrast effect adds an airy touch to the living room where white is the main color and black is the decorating one.

3. Striking Hues

Sometimes, a colorful living room curtain with a detailed pattern is great to add more tones to the whole room.

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4. Classic Stripes

Striped-pattern curtains are always fashionable and on-trend. The only thing you have to do is to choose a color suitable for your living room.

5. Elegant Balloon Shades

Balloon shades add more textures to the room and make it more artistic.

6. Botanical Detail

Curtains with botanical patterns make the room more sophisticated and eye-catching.

7. Fresh White

The very classic color when thinking about the curtain’s color. This curtain idea is proof that simplicity is beautiful and perfect.

8. Sheer Stripe Curtain

Fabric or canvas makes the room a little bit private and attractive. You might feel relaxed and warm because it allows the comfortable sunlight to go through partially.

9. Floral Detail

These floral-detailed curtains liven up the room with their patterns and colors.

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10. Deep Blue

This bold color adds a strong feel to the living room and creates a focal point to the curtain.

11. Fruit Detail

If you love something lovely and adorable, a fruit-pattern curtain will be suitable. Moreover, this curtain makes your eyes happy when you look at it.

12. Dark Shades

A dark, modern curtain will make your living room more ornate and elegant.

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