13 Cool Ideas for Bookshelves That Make You Rearrange Immediately

Arranging your bookshelves is never a simple and easy task because it will rapidly get messy and untidy in a short time. You might love setting them up depending on their colors, their categories, their publishers, or even their thickness. Whatever you choose, you should consider it carefully to get the finish you desire. Our gallery of cool ideas for bookshelves could be your consideration in the future. The feel they create might help you keep your bookshelf neatly for a longer time.

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1. Lay Book Horizontally

You’ll never worry about books which will fall down if putting your books in this way.

2. Cool Ideas for BookshelvesA Series of Books

This way of arrangement helps you easily to find the right book to read in a bunch of books.

3. Cool Ideas for Bookshelves – Under the Staircase

This kind of built-in bookshelves is a space-saving way for the house which is not large. This is one of the most favorite ways to get cool ideas for bookshelves.

4. Make a Wooden Shelf with the Wall

This awesome shelving creates a homogeneous tone to the whole room.

5. Mix Horizontal and Vertical Shelving

This is a flexible way to add a new vibe to the bookshelf.

6. Surround the Wall with Bookshelves

This might be a dream way to create a bookshelf if you’re a bookaholic. The scene that your area is surrounded by books and books is perfectly happy.

7. Cool Ideas for Bookshelves -Color Your Books

Your books are covered by different colors and you can take advantage of them. Separating your books by colors absolutely makes a stunning look.

8. Add Art

The purpose of adding art is to create a focal point to the bookshelf. There are several cool ideas for bookshelves like this you can apply.

9. Geometric Shelf

A geometric shelf brings in a modern and creative touch to the room. This kind of shelf also varies the way you put in your books (or decorating items).

10. Add Sculptures

Sculptures are always charming and impressive by themselves. Adding some sculptures will make your shelf more classic, elegant, and even luxurious.

11. Industrial Style

Industrial style is increasingly popular in recent years for its functional but elegant look.

12. Minimalist Style

These cool ideas for bookshelves are widely enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. The simple and clean vibe they create is modernly charming and makes others feel comfortable.

13. Bed & Bookshelf Combination

For those who love reading books before going to bed, this style cannot be ignored.

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