13 Makeup Tutorials You’ll Love to Try During Self-isolation

Since many of us are now self-isolating, continuing to work from home, and adjusting to new habits, it can quickly get tedious and frustrating – particularly if you’re unable to keep up with your hobbies and interest as usual. Therefore, to keep you both safe and busy at home during these days, we’ve put together a handful of makeup videos for you to try. If it’s to get your imagination moving or to give yourself a makeover, there’s no denying that a little bit of makeup will give you a major boost.

Below, we rounded up 13 makeup tutorials you’ll love to try until this pandemic goes through.

1. Alexa Demie’s Goddess Tutorial with MAC

2. Colored Graphic Eyeliner

Colored graphic eyeliner is a big trend this year. Then, how come so many creative makeup looks can be created from merely one or more pencils? It all depends on your imagination.

3. Makeup Tutorial: PONY’s Glowy Spring Makeup Look

Pony never let her fans down. Moreover, this time, she released a new makeup tutorial that everyone surely loves!

4. Lana Condor’s 15-Minute Everyday Look

For the first time doing a makeup tutorial, Lana did such a good job that her followers should be satisfied.

5. Alissa Ashley’s Beyoncé-inspired Soft Glam

6. Katie Jane Hughes’ Guide to Bushy Brows

7. Makeup Tutorial: James Charles’ Dua Lipa Transformation

This may be one of the coolest makeup transformation of James Charles in case you are a supporter of Dua Lipa. As a result, don’t miss this out!

8. Nyma Tang’s Lizzo-inspired Yellow Eye

9. The Ultimate Colorful Lip

10. Makeup Tutorial: Rihanna’s Fenty Summer Face Tutorial

It used to not be easy to copy Rihanna’s Fenty summer makeup look. However, things have changed since we have this tutorial. Thus, check it out ASAP!!!

11. Kim Kardashian’s Work from Home Beauty Routine

12. Diana Gordon’s Glossier Get Ready With Me

13. Makeup Tutorial: Kehlani’s Glowy Skincare Routine

This is one of my favorite makeup tutorials.

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