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14 Awesome Slicked Back Hairstyle Ideas for Guys

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14 Awesome Slicked Back Hairstyle Ideas for Guys

Slicked back hair is a men’s hairstyle where the hair is combed, pushed back, and held into place with a styling product. Celeb elites Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom boosted this look’s popularity!

Hailing from the 20th century, slicked back hairstyles for guys have taken on a variety of versions. From pompadours to military crops, it all depends on your personal preference. Texas-based expert barber Sonya Hernandez tells us her secrets. “Always check the hair texture and growth pattern. It may be a struggle to train the slicked back hair to go against its natural growth pattern,” she says.

A slick works on all hair lengths – short, medium, and long. And the good news is that it’s easy to do! If you have enough hair on top, the only thing left to do is to lacquer your mane with styling products. Sonya loves Layrite products. Her go-to for a strong hold with a matte finish would be the Layrite Cement Clay. For a shiny look, she recommends the Layrite Superhold.

Her next tip is to “know how high or low you want your fade to be. For instance, if the fade gets too high on the sides, the strands on top may not be long enough to slick back the hair. Choose a knowledgeable barber to provide you the cut and style you desire,” she advises.

“Will this haircut and style match my face frame and facial features? Will this style work with my hair type and daily routine?” Ask yourself these barber-recommended questions when deciding whether to get this handsome look!

Pushing your strands back is a simple yet presentable option for your everyday haircut and hairstyle.

Here are photos of the most popular slick back hairstyle ideas:



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