15+ Easy and Cute Decoration Ideas for 2020 Halloween Day

It’s only 7 days left and Halloween vibe will spread to four corners of the world. Although there is a lot of work to make, it is not difficult to decorate your house for the upcoming Halloween. Make sure you check out all of decoration ideas in this article to have a happy and perfect Halloween day.

Make Your Halloween Day Unforgettable

When it comes to Halloween decoration ideas, people usually think about creepy and scary things like devil witches, skeletons, spiders, spider webs, bats, vampires, graves, etc. However, if your house is full of children and they love cute things, you can still get a memorable Halloween. So, let’s take a trip around this article and get inspiration for your next decorating ideas to have an unforgettable Halloween day.

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Get Ideas

Cute mummy in the yard – This idea is a combination of cuteness and humor.

Jars with funny faces – Add more lights to the room with these funny jars and your kids will be addicted to looking at them.

Happy pumpkin-man – Carving pumpkins are scary and creepy. This is totally wrong because they can be carved into a happy and friendly pumpkin-man like this idea.

A table of candies – This idea is ideal for sweet lovers.

Tin-light – An old tin can be a great decorating item with some paints.

Skull lamp – Actually, this lamp is not scary any way. A rounded head is cute.

Friendly ghost – This ghost is like a friend who is receiving guests more than chasing them away.

Friendly neighbor – Be careful! Some monsters are looking at your house! This idea will absolutely give your neighbor a happy Halloween day.

Door monster – A door with an adorable decorating way is ready to eat you when you open it.

Creepy seat – This seat is a monster that will let you sit on it without any danger.

Crow watching candy – This crow loves playing the trick-or-treat game, so it keeps the candy carefully.

Ghost chair – There are several friendly ghosts that are willing to make friends with people.

Mummy pumpkin – Not enough time to make a big mummy. Don’t worry! Just make a tiny and cute mummy with pumpkin.                                                                        

Pumpkin party – Arrange pumpkins in front of your door like they are inviting guests.

Cute animals – You can make a lot of animals with your own hands. Your kids will love them.

Carving Pumpkin – there are hundreds of ways to carve a pumpkin into a cute creation.

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