15 Makeup Ideas For Fabulous Cut Crease

Makeup Ideas For Fabulous Cut Crease

Cut crease eye makeup was first made famous in the 1960s and is the one feature that connects all of these women together. This beauty trick is one to add to your center of skills with the ability to build depth and add definition to your eyes. Thankfully, with a few quick instructions, you can create this look, whether you live and breathe make-up or are only trying to use mascara without sticking out an eye.

The cut crease makeup technique determines the thread, widening it with a few clever tricks just above the natural fold. As such, by providing the feeling of an additional dimension, it shows off and widens the eyes. If your eyes are small, wide, slanted, or hooded, for a stunning, doe-eyed look, a cut crease will open them up. In addition, the extra space generated on the lids would allow your favorite eyeshadows a more detailed canvas to show off.

Ahead, to inspire the next look, see some of our favorite kinds of cut creases.

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