19 Beautiful Negative Space Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

Negative space tattoos are nothing new, however, their artworks can often go unnoticed. Owing to the subtle nature of these designs, negative space can be misinterpreted as regular contours of the ink. However, this tattoo style is something else; rather than drawing outlines in order to construct a form, the design uses heavy colors to outline a skin area to create a design. Your skin shapes the picture in simpler terms, rather than the pigment.

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These types of tattoos are special because artists must ink a reverse image. Just like the artist makes a stamp, he produces bits that do not hit the skin with the tint and highlight the key sections by leaving them blank. While not all negative space tattoos are made in black, blackwork provides the most contrast, which in turn produces a crisp tattoo design.

If the possibilities are infinite if you imagine having a negative spatial tattoo. We have rounded up 19 lovely negative space tattoos you need to see to help you find your next design inspiration!

Beautiful Negative Space Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink

1. Animal Negative Space Tattoo

A world of enduring possibilities opens up negative space tattoos. If you love the great animal, a good idea is to create the black background from the form of the creature and to use space to add details, such as the outlined florals.

2. Outside the Lines

Just that your bad space design must be in a precise form is not because you use a lot of blacks. This tattoo is an outstanding example of how the flora is picked up on the context beyond the lines.

3. Double-Outlined Negative Space Tattoo

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By essentially drawing thick lines, producing a negative space tattoo makes the ink feel whimsical with no informal sensation. The disconnected black forms often lead to a brave effect on architecture.

4. No Outline Design

Another perfect way to use your tattoo’s negative space is by making an unconventional blackwork style. By not specifying the boundaries of the pattern, the black ink almost seems to be interwoven with the skin.

5. Thin-Lined Pattern

Try to use thin quantities of the negatively positioned area opposite the solid black backdrop to make a major visual effect on your ink. The tattoo looks narrow and complicated because of how it comes out with thin “bands” of skin.

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