Many people see have the first impression of tattoos as “non-mainstream” and “bad boys, bad girls”, but more and more of us are starting to realize and accept that tattoos are just pure arts, besides they have special meanings for each individual. Even if it’s not, we just use it as a nice decoration. Everyone wants to be cool and beautiful in their own way aren’t they? In this case, small tattoo ideas below may help you look special and unique.

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 Women are the main group of tattoo art of these decades, and they are pushing their tattoo game to another level. The woman’s graceful figure is suitable for any tattoo designs, and there are many parts that can be used for tattooing. Among them, waist tattoos are popular with many female tattooists. The waist is a relatively private part for women, where tattoos can add a sense of mystery and can improve the elegance of women. Despite the open-minded era, there are still a lot of prejudices. It prevents a lot of women from getting bolds, big, exposed tattoos, so they choose small tattoos or mini tattoos.

Small and exquisite tattoos are fashionable and suitable for any tattoo lovers today. They regard this tattoo as simple and stylish, it may be tiny but it doesn’t lose its sacredness. It shows the person’s characteristics, dreams, desires, stories, and interests! Each girl has a different temperament, and she would look for a design, an idea for her next art. Let’s take a tour through our gallery to check out some Best small tattoo ideas and designs for women.

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