20 Burgundy Nails To Try

by Hong Diep
Amazing Burgundy Nails To Try

Have you been wanting to try the classic burgundy nails but are not sure what designs to get? Well in this post we have amazing wine color nails and combinations of designs to help you choose the perfect manicure.

Burgandy is an amazing color and a lot of people become interested in it at this time of the year. This is a lovely fall nail color as well as winter.

If you have heard the term and are not sure what the color is well it is a shade of deep plum red. The color has an elegant hue like violet which gives a pretty plum-ish look.

Burgundy nails are a popular color choice during the fall and the festive seasons. If you choose to wear them all year round, keep ways from the colors and patterns of certain seasons including Christmas.

Burgandy manicures look especially great in a matte finish. In this post we will have lovely press-on nails you can buy on Etsy. However, if you want to go with a manicure you can save these images and bring them to your local nail tech.

20 Most Stunning Burgundy Nails To Try

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