20+ Day Of The Dead Nail Inspiration To Celebrate Halloween

By taking part in Day of the Dead, prolong your Halloween celebration a smidge longer this year. Ghastly ghouls and Frankenstein brides, instead of jack-o’-lantern designs, paving the way for endless Calaveras. (For the uninformed, that’s sugar skulls.) Here are 20+ seriously stellar Dia de Los Muertos nail that will fit right in with any spirited festival or parade.

The holiday is a fun one to celebrate, so take a cue from some vivid Day of the Dead nail designs and inspire to emulate them yourself.

day-of-the-dead-nail-designs-cover1 20+ Day Of The Dead Nail Inspiration To Celebrate Halloween

What Is This Tradition?

Celebrations will take a humorous turn, as celebrities recall the deceased with amusing incidents and anecdotes. Face paint from Day of the Dead has been used, so why not use it as a nail design?

The Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico and elsewhere. It related to All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day Catholic celebrations. The multi-day holiday includes gatherings of family and friends. The purpose is to pray for friends and family members who have died and remember them. Rather than mourning, it is usually portrayed as a day of celebration.

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Day Of The Dead Nail Designs

OK, so maybe Day of the Dead nail art designs may not be for everybody. But there’s no denying that nail art is an imaginative painting practice. It takes a lot of skill, creativity, and, of course, patience to work on such a small nail room. These beautiful art designs are particularly for ladies who, when celebrating such an occasion, are crazy about their nails.

We love how not only the sugar skull style nods to these nails, but also the crosses made of flowers usually hung on alters or gravestones. You could do a different design on each finger if you have some serious time on your hands.

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