On some occasions, women want to be more beautiful and the details like accessories, fashion, makeup have become the keys to success. Maybe your makeup is exquisite, but do your nails keep up with your makeup? That’s the reasons why so many women’ve been searching for cute nail ideas to match with their overal styles.

What do you think when you look all gorgeous but your nails are neglected and dirty, would you have the audacity to wear a shiny ring to draw the attention to your hand and nails?

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Beautiful nails would definitely add points to your look and your overall appearance! Your prom night/ gathering/ important events are coming and you are out of ideas? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Let us introduce you to some set of manicure styles suitable for either long or short nails. They are extremely cute, not to mention how elegant and fashionable they are.

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Steps to get a cute nail:

If you are going to the salon and let them take care of the rest, then it’s not an issue here. But if you want to do it yourself or you want to prepare your nails, here are some steps you can do:

Trim nails to a suitable length, trim the shape of the nails with a nail file and polish the nail surface to smooth the nail surface

Apply nutrient oil to the nail roots of the trailing edge of the nail, gently rub and moisturize the nail surface.

Even if there is no opportunity to go out to any parties, events, meeting people, adding a “new outfit” to your nails would be like decorating your mood. Now it’s time to check out our elegant and cute nail ideas!

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