+20 Gorgeous Takes on the Classic Compass Tattoo Ideas

Compass tattoo originated as a common ink choice for fishermen and sailors. As they believed the designs would bring them good fortune during their travels and would always guide them home. Nowadays, the compass is the universal sign for wanderlusters who find fulfillment in constant travel. In the same way that sailors felt they brought good luck, wanderers consider the compass design a symbol of good luck and safe travels. Even the arrows have meaning and are a promise in all directions of adventure.

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These 20 compass tattoos show that there are a million and one way to customize the pattern, ranging from the use of color to various simplifications. Wherever you go or want a tattoo which helps you to get home safely, here is an inspiration for your next ink in the compass.

Gorgeous Takes on the Classic Compass Tattoo Ideas

1. Watercolor Compass Tattoo

Not all have to be black ink with compass tattoos. Add color to your template with a compass overlay on an aquarelle ink map. This causes the compass to pop up against the color of light and adds a little custom whim to the design.

2. Minimalist

The whole point is to have guidance, so why is it that a good thing is over-complicated? This tint uses the four directions and pushes the notion of a compass to its naked elements. The arrows as compass lines establish a sense of nature and individuality.

3. Squiggly Line Design

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Keep your ink to dots and lines to simplify your compass. The directional arrows use a folding look here and then the aesthetic effect is achieved with dashed and dotted lines.

4. Minimalist Map

Attach your compass tattoo to the background and map lines of the compass by adding a small world style. Because most of the contours in the ink are extremely thin, they contrast with the compass arrows and produce a delicate and complex tattoo without any thickness.

5. Symbol Compass Tattoo

Compass designs can be very one-handed, so the traditional design can be jazzed with a little whim. This tin adds little doodles next to each other to remind you of what awaits you. The decor often uses a very special range of forms to produce a completely unique piece of tin, including circles and leaf forms.

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