+20 Lego Tattoos You Need To See Before Getting Inked!

You may think that it’s just freak people to talk about LEGO tattoos, but we’ll tell you something: LEGO, and it’s a successful empire. Every second one, 1300 parts (about 4,680,000 per hour, and we don’t count accessories, just bricks) are made from LEGO cloth. Furthermore, every 7 seconds a LEGO Set is sold around the globe and LEGO is the world’s biggest (400 billion per year) pneumatic firm. Therefore, LEGO is an enormous material. And people tattoo big stuff on their skin perfectly natural, isn’t it? For this reason, we hope that you would like some Lego tattoos for you.

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1. Destrutturato Lego Tattoo

The first LEGO tattoo concept is a Destrutturato style. This tattoo style, which mixes versatility with solid colors, is the inventor of Mattia Calvi and is just fine. At his tattoo shop, named Mambo Tattoer, you can meet Mattia.

2. Outlined Lego Design

The second tattoo idea for you is a sketched BUOY tattoo. The tattoo studio BUOY is in Korea, and has many designs of incredible quality. He also does very nice tattoos, and we love his work of art. BUOY ‘s rules, on the other hand, are very obvious: do not copy.

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And this law is what we accept!

3. Wonder Woman Lego Design

We’re happy to show this amazing Wonder Woman tattoo concept, and move on to the third idea for your LEGO tattoo. This tattoo is created and we love her concept by Daniela Dag, a fantastic Rome tattoo artist. She has a really unique tattoo theme, as they mix cute Disney tattoos and Pixar tattoos with manga, like Marvel tattoos.

We must see how well she uses the color and the right technique to draw complicated lines of Lego tattoos.

4. Dinosaur Lego Tattoo

5. Ripped Skin Lego Design

6. Mechanical New School Lego Design

7. Wicked Lego Design

8. Graffiti brick Lego Tattoo

9. Deadpool Lego Design

10. Batman Lego Tattoo

Scroll down for more pics.

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