20+ Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Inspire Your Shower

A Bathroom Can Wash Away Your Burden

Minimalism is a style that can bring in comfort, convenience, modernization, and even sophistication. And you can achieve these features easily by minimizing the use of unnecessary accessories and appliances. Of course, having a bathroom in a minimalist style is not a piece of cakes. In this article, we will help you to build a minimalist bathroom that can wash all your burdens away.

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A Minimalist Bathroom

A minimalist bathroom is featured by strict lines, simple colors (mainly white and neutral colors), and shapes. Smooth surfaces are one of the most important parts to get a minimalist touch. It is because they can create a clean and straight look to the room. Besides the surface, the lack of ornamentation and complicated sculptural lines is also necessary. Having too many things in the bathroom can take the simple nature of minimalism away. When it comes to colors, the main colors which can be used are calm and neutral colors like white, beige, grey, pale purple, and blues. And how about shapes? Simple geometric shapes are highly recommended due to their practical features. They can greatly harmonize and balance the space.

In the minimalist style, the use of nature-inspired materials is widely enjoyed. Hardwoods and earthy textures of stone are especially prominent among them. In several minimalist bathroom designs, you can easily see wooden furniture and accessories. They are like the focal point of the room. Besides hardwoods and stones, with the development of the industrial style in recent years, the use of concrete and steel is also a great choice for your upcoming bathroom. A concrete floor or wall can bring in a warm touch when the steel and its dark color can bring shapes to the table.

Still confused? Let’s take a look at these minimalist designs to get inspiration before building your next bathroom.

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