20 Stunning Deep Side Part Hairstyles

20 Stunning Deep Side Part Hairstyles

Looking to try something new with your hair this season, but not quite ready to commit to a cut? When it comes to hitting refresh on your appearance, a simple relocation of your hair’s parting can have a strong impact. However, to really make a statement, bypass the typical center and side parts, and turn up the voltage with a dramatic deep side part. Taking the part further across the face, this side-swept style creates instant volume and texture. Recently, its ability to highlight the eyes, slim the face, and emphasize the cheekbones has made it a favorite from the runways to the street. Whether you’re rocking a pixie, bob, lob, mid-length hair or long Rapunzel locks, the deep side part can be transformed to complement any hair length and texture. To help you discover your new favorite hairstyle, we’re here to reveal the most stunning deep side part hairstyles.

What is a deep side part?

A deep side part is similar to a regular side part but sits further out. It should be positioned around the arch of your eyebrow, even out as far as the outer edge of your brows. It’s a great way to create a dramatic look and add plenty of volume, as so much hair is sitting to one side.

How do you keep a side part in place?

If you’re changing your part, it can take some training to get it to stay where you want. It helps to part on the side where your natural part falls. Otherwise, you can part your hair wet, then blowdry it in the direction you want it to sit. You can also use hairpins to keep things in place, especially when the style is new. Finally, styling products will be incredibly helpful, so try using a hairspray or a matte pomade or wax to add texture and hold.

How do I get my hair to stay on the side?

To get your hair to stay where you want, you can use a combination of heat and styling products. Blowdrying your hair in the direction you want it to stay can help shape the hair follicles. Additionally, using a medium hold product such as a matte pomade, wax, or even hairspray can help.

What side should your hair be parted?

You can part your hair wherever you like, but it might be a bit easier to get it to cooperate if you choose the natural parting side. To establish where this is, brush all your wet hair forward, and wait a few seconds until it starts to fall away from the center. Whichever side separates the most is where you part naturally lies. Alternatively, you can establish what direction the cowlick at your crown grows. If it’s clockwise, your natural part should fall on the left and then on the right for counter-clockwise growth.

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