20 Tattoos Inspired by BTS That Only K-Pop Fans Will Understand

The world-renowned BTS K-Pop Group has encouraged fans to select a tattoo recently with positive lyrics and wonderful views. As officially named, ARMY members make deals with tattoo artists worldwide to permanently join their favorite BTS albums, members, cover art, and video music moments. Personally, I admire the everlasting devotion of everyone to the sept-chart as a group member Jimin may have BTS-inspired body arts and some Jungkook-relative designs go viral on Instagram.

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I rounded up a large community of talented tattoo artists while you’re also thinking of having Tattoos Inspired by BTS. You will definitely find a BTS tattoo that truly suits your personal style, be it for colorful design or black and white, delicate or courteous, traditional or contemporary, subtle or explicit. Then, continue scrolling and check out 17 stunning body parts ARMY members have earned. Just one I dare you bookmark.

1. Ultra-Fine Flower

Firstly, a tiny flower inspired by the band’s beautiful packaging for EP 2017, Love Yourself: Her, was inked by a Korean tattoo artist behind Instagram’s popular @playground tat2. The fine line for the delicate pattern manifests an ultra-thin needle.

2. Simply Singularity Tattoo

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For this ode to the V solo song on Loving Yourself: Tear, Korean tattooist Hongvin kept it clean and plain. Besides, the black ink title was grafted in an inspired font on the forearm of his customer by Hongwin, who is based in Jeonju.

3. Chimmy Finger

These days, you can find BT21 characters almost anything. We can mention make-up, T-shirts, and seemingly bodywork. However, it seems to not have any limits. Tattoo artist Tan, who works in a studio in Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood, poked Jimin’s Chimmy on a customer’s pointing finger by hand. It co-ordinated much better with their lovely nail art of Chimmy.

Get more inspiration for Tattoos Inspired by BTS like Abstract Group Photo or Chain of Hearts in the following pictures!

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