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2021 Makeup Trends: The 12 Prettiest Eye, Cheek, and Lip Ideas

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DK about you, but one of the things I’m enjoying the most about 2021 (besides living in an all-around safer/healthier/more peaceful world, obviously) are all the fresh, new makeup trends. I mean, I can’t be the only one who was sick of seeing the same blah eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow all over their feed, right? (Right.) So to help you get ~inspired~ to switch up your look and try something new, I’ve rounded up the makeup trends that legit everywhere right now—plus a few looks that are going to be everywhere in the months ahead. From bold, burgundy lipstick to brightly colored lashes, these are the 12 best 2021 makeup trends you need to know about.

2021 Makeup Inspo: Multicolor Eyes

What do you get when you combine purple, pink, yellow, and orange? This gorgeous multicolor eyeshadow look. All you need is a neutral-colored primer (it’ll prevent whatever shadows you layer on top from fading or smearing) and a palette full of vibrant shades

Burgundy Lip Trend for 2021

Good news! Lipstick is making its long-awaited comeback in 2021. The trendiest color to wear? Deep burgundy. It’s edgy, moody, and unexpected, yet surprisingly wearable no matter your skin tone.

2021 Trend: No-Makeup Makeup

Clean and dewy skin, lightly flushed cheeks, neutral-colored lips, brushed up brows, fluttery lashes—they’re all key features in creating this gorgeous no-makeup-makeup look. Wear it for day or night, for work or weekend; either way, you’ll look stunning.

Classic Cat Eye for 2021

Grab your black liquid liners, folks, because the classic cat eye is back for 2021. Pair it with bold brows, extra-long lashes, and neutral-colored matte lips for a look that’s glam but still easy going.

2021 Makeup Trend: Starry Lids

These star-studded lids are proof that don’t need to go wild with shadow or liner to create an epic eye makeup look. To DIY, prep your lids in a clear gloss (it’ll add the perfect amount of tackiness and shine) and then use tweezers to carefully place shimmery stars from your inner to outer corners of your eyes.

Red-Orange Lips for 2021

This isn’t your average red lipstick moment. The bold crimson shade has warm, orange-y undertones and comes in a matte finish that’s totally stunning. Bonus points for pairing it with flushed cheeks and fluffy brows.

2021 Makeup Trend: Electric Blue EyeLiner

The graphic eyeliner trend isn’t going anywhere (trust me). Go ahead and swap out your regular black liquid eyeliner for a bright blue one and use it to draw a crisp cat eye, then tap a tiny bit of shimmery pigments on your inner corners to brighten up the whole look.

Purple eye makeup is about to have a serious moment people. DIY a smokey eye and sweep a darker purple shadow on your lids, all the way up to the crease, and then blend a shimmery lavender shade along your lash lines and inner corners.

Peach Lips for 2021

Soft, easy, and supremely wearable—the peachy lip trend is perfect for every day. Make like Selena and choose a balm formula for a plump, dewy effect (or, in a pinch, just tap a little Aquaphor right on top of your favorite peach-colored cream or matte lipstick).

2021 Makeup Trend: Violet Lashes

Berry Stained Lips for 2021

The best thing about lip stains? They don’t budge (aka they’ll stay put through drinking, eating, and hours under a face mask). Exfoliate your lips first (you don’t want the pigments to settle into fine lines or cracks) and then press a trendy, berry-colored stain right onto your lips.

Makeup Trend: Glossy Eyes and Lips

I am fully obsessed with the glossy eye and lip makeup trend for 2021. Just use a neutral cream color on your eyes and lips (you can even dab a little on your cheekbones) and top it off with a multitasking face gloss for a wet-like sheen.



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