21 Curtain Bangs to Flatter Every Face Shape and Hair Type

21 Curtain Bangs to Flatter Every Face Shape and Hair Type (2021 Trend Alert)

Curtain bangs are totally trending right now! Here, I’ll help you find the best pair of bangs that will work with your hair type and face shape. The good news is that pretty much any woman can wear this chic haircut. Curtain bangs are customizable so that they can suit any face shape. They can also go off-center, creating an illusion of a side part style. Unlike regular bangs, curtain bangs, or Bardot bangs, are a ’70s-inspired fringe, parted in the middle to frame the face. The length cascades down the cheekbones and jawline, accentuating these features. They are not high maintenance and versatile.

A bardot fringe is a lot easier to grow out and maintain than regular ones. Stylist Brandi Rose of Canada says, “You can easily tuck them behind your ears or push them to the side.”

When styling, Rose shares an easy step. “Blow-dry the hair around a brush, swoop down in the front of the face, then out towards the ear to shape it.”

For the fluffier and textured finish, she uses either a light hold hairspray or texture paste. “Kevin Murphy Session Spray Flex or R&Co Sand Castle are my current faves,” says Rose.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of the most popular haircuts with curtain bangs!

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