23 Edgy Short Haircuts for Women Wanting a Bold, New Style

by Hong Diep
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23 Edgy Short Haircuts for Women Wanting a Bold, New Style

The best edgy short haircuts are daring and innovative chops made for women to stand out. Edgier cuts can range from being feminine and sweet to being tomboyish and bold.

Nikki Nuzum, a hairstylist from Le Mars, IA shares how hair texture is a vital key in identifying if edgy cuts will suit you or not. “Ask your stylist if your hair texture will fit the cut and on how hard styling would be for you,” she says.

For hair care and maintenance, Nuzum specifies that edgy short cuts need daily upkeep and are not for low-maintenance women. “These short edgy cuts also demand salon visits every 4-6 weeks,” she says. “The smallest amount of hair growth will make a big difference in how you style short edgy haircuts.”

Design.Me’s Puff.Me Root Volumizing and Texturizing Hair Powder is a texture powder that Nuzum swears by. She suggests using texture powders for instant volume and root lift. Plus, you can layer on the texture powder for extra hold.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these trendy pictures of the best edgy short haircuts and hairstyles.

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