23 Rainbow Tattoo Design Examples for Pride Month and Beyond

The reinforcement arch also appears as perfect arches when the sun shines on water droplets and its white light shatters into a wide variety of fine colors. In many cultures, rainbows are a sign of hope. When you go through a hard time, they remind you to remain optimistic as the struggles come to a close soon and a new chapter, a new period in your life, starts, in which the sun shines brightly. Rainbow is also a sign of LGBTQ pride worldwide. Its flag can proudly float across the globe every June. Since this pattern carries a host of meanings, rainbow tattoo design becomes more and more popular.

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What is Pride Month?

Every June, Pride Month is celebrated to remember those who participated in the Stonewall Riots. We are preparing ourselves to dust our rainbow flags, sparkle, and take part. There is still a way for you to participate in parades, festivals, and concerts around the world — as well as to experience significant social history along the way.

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Rainbow Tattoo Design Examples

You can either tattoo a rainbow on your body or you can create a custom design with the color spectrum together with the artist. Minimalist style is very common for this model, as many people can see who has small rainbows on the wrist, but you can also create a larger version that blends the rainbow with some clouds and other designs. Never wait before your tattoo artist takes our rainbow tattoo examples below to place this pretty design on your body.

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