25 Alice In Wonderland Themed Tattoos Bring You Back to Your Childhood

Alice In Wonderland – The classic movie about a never-ending adventure

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has become a strong fan of public imagination since its release 150 years ago. Robert Douglas-Fairhurst did successfully investigated the origins and afterlife of Carroll.

It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” (Alice, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll)

This is my favorite line ever.

Tattoo artists have many motivating outlets and can turn their ideas into tattoo designs impressively. Of all the entertainment methods, books, particularly fairy tales and stories of children are definitely one of the most favorable sources. And, Alice In Wonderland is one of the most famous book-inspired tattoos.

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Alice In Wonderland Themed Tattoo Designs

Tattoo artists make hundreds of various body art items from this classic book with all these weird characters and amazing quotes. You can pick your favorite Alice In Wonderland Themed Tattoos and have a personal design of it by your tattooist, from the Cheshire cat to the white rabbit and the witch hatter.

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Moreover, you may also come across your next ink art from the book. It is a good idea to add a short quote to your favorite character. Or, I would say, to get the Alice In Wonderland tattoo of your own. When the subject is already so inspiring, tattoo artists can easily create some completely fascinating pieces.

Scroll down for more pics of Alice In Wonderland Themed Tattoos!

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