27 Best Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending Right Now

Best Wolf Haircut Ideas Trending Right Now

The popular wolf haircut is a trendy take on mullet and shag haircuts combined. It features stacks of layers, forming a bouncy and voluminous silhouette in the hair.

Andy Bates, a hairstylist from Sacramento, CA, shares his take on this cut. “This cut is not meant for women with a little density in their hair,” he says. “It highlights a chunky, piecey texture with a little flipping and bending of the hair.”

Bates points out how this cut suits women under the age of 25, with a septum piercing, aspiring to be an E-girl. “It’s a fun and edgy cut perfect if you don’t care how your hair looks and can pull off cute looks no matter what,” he says.

The need to style this cut every morning might be a drawback for most women. “At least wet it down and blow-dry the bangs a little,” he suggests. “Create a feathered curtain bang and pin it in with the ends flipping out a bit.”

Bates reveals how most stylists create a curly mass in the back when the rest of the hair has so much weight taken off. Another error stylists make is not taking enough weight from the parietal ridge. He explains, “You’ll end up creating a shag and not a wolf cut since you left too much density.”

A wolf cut is a fantastic choice of haircut. It’s vital to seek a hairstylist that is an expert in recreating this type of cut.

This haircut is on-demand in TikTok. Stay on-trend by browsing through these popular photos of a wolf haircut. Share your top 3 picks with your hairstylist.

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