27 Summer Nail Ideas And Trends

by Hong Diep
Summer Nail Trends 2022 5

27 Summer Nail Ideas And Trends

Every year summer is the time when nail trends change the most.

Sometimes, I even think that summer nail trends are about equal to yearly nail trends.

What are the best nail colors for this summer, and which is the most popular nail shape in this year. I thought you might be interested with the questions’ answers.

Keep reading and you’ll get accurate information and some best and latest summer nail design ideas in 2022.

What Is The New Nail Trend For 2022?

The biggest style trend is Pearlcore 2022, with data and information derived from Pinterest’s annual predictions.

Therefore, only nail designs that perfectly match this style are the new nail trends in 2022.

Pearl accent nails won the competition.

This nail design is inspired by the classic French mani, and it takes the latter to the next level.

You May Also Want To Know, What Is The Pearlcore Style?

Simply put, Pearlcore style is a “pearl party”.

You will see more and more people wearing pearl clothing and pearl jewelry.

The style originated in the 1980s and it was the most popular in the early 90s.

Pearlcore style is making a comeback, and it will definitely be the most talked about trend this year.

What Is The New Nail Color For 2022?

The Pantone annual report says ” The best color of the year for 2022 is blue-toned periwinkle.”

This color looks beautiful and dreamy, and has a futuristic feel.

In addition, blue-toned periwinkle is perfect for summer, it makes people feel comfortable.

In fact, this color is light purple and it’ also called lavender purple.

What Is The Most Popular Nail Shape In 2022?

2022 is “crazy” and “radical”.

For now, the stiletto nail shape is more sought after than any other shape. On Pinterest and Instagram, people are trying it and showing off.

Is French Manicure Outdated 2022?

Over 90% of nail artists say the classic and elegant French nail will not disappear in 2022.

Plus, you’ll see more bright and colorful designs. In short, every nail has a different color on it and it looks amazing.

Are White Nails In Style 2022?

Many popular colors can go out of style. However, white will never be the case.

White is the most basic of colors and has dozens of shades.

In 2022, people crave a sense of tranquility. So, comfortable and soft white will be the perfect protagonist.

Is Black Nail Polish Still In Style 2022?

Everyone has one or more black clothes.

Black nails match perfectly with these clothes. That’s why this color design is still in 2022 style.

The Latest And Best Summer Nails 2022

At The End

In fact, the 2022 nail trend is much the same as last year. However, there are indeed major differences in design details.

For example, between soft and bright colors, colorful color combinations, and unique pearl nails, and more.

For those who like to keep low-key, it’s perfectly fine to use the similar design as before.

If you want to get more attention, try a relatively special color combination.

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