3 Main Tips for Planning the Most Perfect Proposal Ever

Congratulations on maybe even trying to get married! That’s so cool. You managed to find true love somewhere in the era of rampant ghosting and zombie-ing. I’m crying for you softly with happy love tears. Now that we’ve figured out how happy I’m for you, let’s get into the deets and make certain you have the world’s best proposal since Monica pulled the Chandler switchboard around 2000.


Below, 3 experts are providing their best tips for the design of your perfect proposal. Well, it depends entirely on who you’re asking, and when they’re crying, but also a firm “yes”-with or without tears!.

1. Don’t show the ring too soon

The surprise of all (duh) is part of what makes a proposal so special. Oo, yeah, don’t ruin by sticking your favorite jeans or something in your pocket. “Please consider asking a family member or friend of your neighboring family to stay with you until the day of your proposal ends,” says Joseph. “Your idea remains shocking.

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“Otherwise consider hiding it in something you won’t need for some time, like an old pair of socks, a suit jacket pouch, or baggage pocket.” Pro Tip: if you are susceptible to losing items, write on your iPhone’s Notes table where it was concealed … jusssssst if you don’t remember.

2. Budget for the proposal as soon as you consider poppin’ the question

Yeah, separate savings account for this plan should certainly be opened. Put a few $$per paycheck into the proposal’s account in general – not just the ring, says the Heart Bandits proposal planner Michele Velazquez.

“The ring for perfect proposal is the big concern for many men out there,” said Velazquez. “They invest all their money on the ring but forget about finding ways to propose. Budget the latest plan from the very beginning to avoid getting the perfect idea to scrutinize.”

3. If you intend to make your proposal public, make sure her nails are in Insta-worthy shape

Let’s be realistic here, nobody wants a chipped mane and dumpy cuticles that will add a record quantity of likes on Insta. Even if your partner doesn’t be a regular at your nail salon, it’s worth it. Ask one of her friends “because it doesn’t seem weird,” says Wegman.

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