3 Stunning Ways to Pull Of The Neon Makeup Trend

One thing we all agreed on was: today’s neon makeup is no decade-long neon maquillage. “Color was everywhere on his face in the ’80s and applied very heavily,” says famous MUA Bryan Cantor. “With a narrower range of color, there were also fewer product options and neon makeup was then limited to pink and magenta shades. They now have a much wider color spectrum and almost any neon hue,”, he said.

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There you go. We rounded up 3 different ways to wear the neon makeup trend.

1. Neon Cat Eye

It’s a fun and simple way to start and you can then build up the neon-shadow if you feel confident with it, Scibelli says. Think about vibrating yellow or orange, that particular look pretty on darker tint, or a cool blue or green that flatters on pale skin. Create a shape of the cat’s eye, fill a wing, and color the wing at the end.

Money-saving tip alert: Take a neon shadow palette and turn the powter into a liner, so you can use the light on your lid if you want or plunging a liner brush into a drop of water.

Recommendation: MAC Art Library It’s Designer Eyeshadow Palette ($48; maccosmetics.com).

2. Poppy Pink Lip

Neon pink is a remarkably portable shade of the lipstick and easy to make an audacious statement quickly. Consider lining your lips first to keep the vivid color out of feathering.

3. Bold Blush

As a general rule, yes, neon to one function should remain in Neon Makeup Trend, but to break the rules, combine a neon blush with the neon’s eye or lip. (Plus, it is clear that your choice of blush was deliberate.)

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