3 Things You Don’t Know About Oily Skin

I often hear that many people say that they have oily skin. It is a relatively common skin type. Oily skin is very oily, and many people are very distressed. Especially when it is hot, the shiny face is very unsightly.

Is oily skin okay?

Oily skin generally exhibits more oil secretion, thicker skin layers and larger pores. It has congenital and sometimes it is the acquired effects depending on the living environment, diet and daily. But don’t worry, these things can be improved with skincare routine. But do you know that this skin also has hidden benefits?

1. Slower Aging process

The true is it has a slower aging process than other types of skin.

The skin secretion of oil is to protect the skin layer, no matter what period there will be, the skin will not be dry and rough enough for the appearance of fine lines.

2. Oily skin is very moisturizing

Regardless of the severe oil secretion in summer, let’s talk about autumn and winter, it is completely better than good, dry winter and autumn, it will save you money for moisturizing cream. In winter and autumn, if the skin has no other problems, just continue to moisturize.

So what you really need to focus and look for to improve your skin is Water supplying products . Rememeber, it’s different from Moisturizer !

3 A shield of your skin.

Oily skin people can enjoy the sunbathing without being too worried of sunburn (the premise is still applying sun cream). This is because the oily skin secretes Excessive oil which can form an invisible shield for your skin. So that, the “UV” rays cannot directly touch our skin.

Surprise? You should consider being lucky when having oily, right? Just know how to take care of it, and you’ll be stunning and prolong your youthful time!

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