3 Ways to Wear Pink Eyeshadow Look Based on Your Moods

If season in general and weather, in particular, have a great impact on your moods, there is a high chance that you prefer your makeup coordinated with seasons. Fall and winter are occasions of cool and moody shades like blue or grey. Whereas, pops of bright hues like pink or red are everything to girls in summer. By mentioning pinky colors, I have to emphasize that with these shades, you cannot go wrong.

When it comes to eye makeup, we have countless ways to be creative and make tons of pink eyeshadow look. Whether you are a minimalist, maximalist, or someone just in between, pink eyeshadow makeup look always magically boosts your moods because, duh, it’s color of summer.

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Pink Eyeshadow Look For the Minimalist

The minimalist who wants everything simple and subtle. In this case, a soft wash of dusty pink is perfect to achieve the wanted look. The goal here is to create a dreamy and girly eye makeup. Try to make it look like you are having pink eyes.

If You’re Somewhere in Between

The expert Jonet Williamson gives you handy tips on this look. Since you are the one who is part-maximalist, part-minimalist, you likely want your makeup in moderation. Try out a mix of warm brown, lavender, and blush shades to have a halo effect for your eyeshadow makeup. It is so pretty and draws attention to your eyes.

For the Maximalist

The tutorials by SmithaDeepak is a go-to for you, the maximalist. If you are already extra, glitter and cut-crease are two factors you cannot miss out on. Wear them everywhere you go, regardless of daytime or nighttime. You would be the center of attention like you are already. Don’t hesitate to express yourself through the makeup. It tells a lot.

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