30+ Best Burgundy Nail Designs For A Gorgeous New Look

The polish you are wearing may be in blue, or black, or green, but have you ever tried the red burgundy nail? This wine-color manicure maybe is all you always need. No need to deny that burgundy color is sexy and allure and it is on the top list of nail polish this year. Although there are many shades of red, and last year the color warm red is making huge in the nail beauty. However, this shade only fit in the cold season and many winter events such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. In this summer season, the sexy burgundy nail is all you need.

Burgundy Nail: A Sexy Color

It’s time to show who is the real boss. With this red wine color nail design, you can totally pull out a whole bossy look. The manicure is sexy, glamour, and make everyone can’t pull their sight out of anywhere. For many years, women are making a new wave with the nail polish color, and burgundy is a perfect choice in one of them. It is not just bright like the basic red, or dark like black, it is between and together, it will style a gorgeous look.

The Style

Burgundy nail can go with any color, or just go bold with the whole wine-color manicure. However, the variety of choices is amazing, some will choose glitter, pearl to with the color. Others may have an acrylic, long or short nail, lots of shape and style for you to choose. Since it is a dark shade, so it can go well with a simple outfit or monotone clothes. You can choose some bracelets to wear to make your nail spot on.

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For a woman who wants to have something attractive and gorgeous, this bloody hot manicure will be the best choice for you. Here are some creative burgundy nail designs for a gorgeous new look.

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