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30+ Best Designed Foot Tattoo For Women In Summer

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You have tried many tattoos in different areas on your body like collarbone, arm, back, etc, the next idea that you should try is foot tattoo. This sounds quite amusing, right? This area is common in the tattoo world. According to many tattoo artists, this could be on the top list of places on the body to get a tattoo.

Summertime Is Coming For Foot Tattoo

Especially summer is coming which means it’s time to show off the tattoo. And one area of the body that’s a popular place is the foot. When your barefoot is walking through sand and beach, your gorgeous tattoo will be revealed. When it’s the season of beach days, and lounging by the pool, what better time is there to add some cute new ink to one’s foot? It’s time for you to have one.

The Inspiration Is Endless

Since a tattoo can be accepted day by day, it becomes so popular and the tattoos on your foot can show beauty and cuteness. You can have many shapes and sizes, any designs. Many ideas from traditional black ink to watercolor one, simple or detailed, small or huge one with complicated designs. There are so many inspiring and we know your tattoo artist will not disappoint you at all.

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This area is the most commonplace for a tattoo since it can be revealed and also able to cover easily.  You can cover it with your shoes or socks when you go to work where the ink does not allow. Even though it may hurt since the foot is the place with bones underneath, it still a popular area that many people demand to try at least once.

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Thousand of ideas are coming every day and for the best-designed foot tattoo that fits you, here are some amazing ideas for it, check this out!



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