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30+ Fabulous Medieval Makeup And Style Ideas For You

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For some reason, we all love to recreate makeup looks from decades ago. Not just the makeup, we are all fond of and secretly wanting to go back in time, experiencing the nostalgic 60-80s world, aren’t we? And I have to say medieval makeup ideas are not exceptions.

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But I guess you have done the 80s makeup look inspiration already, maybe almost everybody since it’s so trendy and pretty! But do you know what is more pretty and even hypnotizing? Go back in time again but go further, to the Medieval Era! Have you seen those shows like Game of Thrones, Lord of the ring, the Witcher..etc, or some RGP ancient background games? If you have, you will definitely know what to do and start picking up your pallets, sweeties. But if you don’t, I will list out 3 common but mesmerizing medieval makeup ideas.


-The Commoner

Sound weird right? But you can simply understand this as normal peeps who lived in a village with simple, elegant daily lifestyle, they don’t usually go heavy makeup with this style

-The Royal

This definitely the most well-known makeup inspiration because Queens and Princesses are the standards of beauty of poetry. Or Hollywood movies, obviously.

The Warrior

I personally admire the beauty of strong, wild and fierce women so I would like to inspire you with this style too

The Magical

There are so many enchanting beauties in the magical world such as the Witch, the Sorceress, the Fairy, the Goddess, or the evil forces. I think this one would give your creativeness a nudge!

Your birthday is coming and you are looking for some ideas to cosplay or you are preparing for a photo concept? These ideas below can’t be missed. Now, it’s time to check out these more Medieval Inspiring makeup and style ideas.



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