30+ Fascinating Dandelion Tattoo Designs That Must Try In 2020

The flower is the most common art in the tattoo world. When it comes to the tattoo, then dandelion elements must have a spot in the designs. Dandelion tattoo designs have gained prominence in the tattoo world over the last few years. These tattoos include many different types, although the most common ones are plain, fine line black ink, often associated with some sentimental or motivational sayings.

dandelion-tattoo1 30+ Fascinating Dandelion Tattoo Designs That Must Try In 2020

What Is A Dandelion?

Dandelion is a plant with bright yellow flowers and grows in many parts of the world. Its name comes from French, meaning “lion’s tooth”, because of its long shape, narrow, pointy petals. When you blow the petals, all the seeds fall off, and the seeds go with you with your dreaming wonder. Botanists classify the dandelion as herbs. People use the dandelion’s leaves, stem, flora, and root for medicinal purposes. While some farmers consider dandelions as weeds, dandelions are edible and have good advantages.

dandelion-tattoo2 30+ Fascinating Dandelion Tattoo Designs That Must Try In 2020

The Meaning Of Dandelion Tattoo

This tattoo art doesn’t have any particular meaning since it only recently becomes famous. For personal reasons, most people get the dandelion tattoo designs for them, maybe it reminds them of their home, their childhood, or simply because dandelion is simple and beautiful. Dandelions are survivors of different environments, and able to multiply quickly. Maybe some people have a tattoo in order to prove that they can adapt easily to different places.

dandelion-tattoo3 30+ Fascinating Dandelion Tattoo Designs That Must Try In 2020

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Place To Get The Tattoo

Dandelion tattoo designs on the shoulder and back may look very good in terms of positioning, but can also work on the wrist and inner forearm. Whatever the area is, having this tattoo art inked on your body will be fascinating. That’s the reason why this art may be women’s favorite ideas for tattoos.

If you are considering getting a tattoo, then this may be the best one for you. Let’s see some of the best dandelion tattoo designs that we are sharing now.

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