30 Forearm Tattoos for Women: Trending Ideas for 2022

30 Forearm Tattoos for Women: Trending Ideas for 2022

Forearm tattoos are a common placement and a common go-to choice when it comes to your tattoos. Both men and women like this placement, but in today’s article, we’re going to focus on women’s tattoo ideas. Keep on reading and discover some cute and fierce ideas that will intrigue you.

Which Tattoo To Go For Over Your Forearm?

Your forearm tattoo can be anything and everything that you imagine! You should aim for something that is personal and fully catered to your character and your preference. A lot of women prefer to go with butterflies, meaningful quotes, as well as colorful animals, or their favorite cartoon characters. The end result and choice are entirely up to you and your preference or style.

How Pricey Are Forearm Tattoos?

Expect to spend around 2-5 hours when getting a forearm tattoo. Most experts will bill around $100 for smaller black and white tattoos, while bigger and more colorful ideas can go for $300.

Top 30 Forearm Tattoos For Women

Black & White Tattoos

Colorful Forearm Tattoos

New Cool Tattoo Time

Let us know if you’re ready to wear any of these mean-looking tattoos! They are perfect for women who like to express their gentle and feminine side. Do you prefer color or more so black and white tattoos? We have covered it all, so let us know what you fancy when it comes to these recommended ideas.

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