32 Hand Tattoos for Men: Cool & Simple Ideas for 2022

32 Hand Tattoos for Men: Cool & Simple Ideas for 2022

Hand tattoos are for those who want to place a larger and more noticeable print on their skin. If you like quirky tattoos or you prefer more-so noticeable ideas this placement will suit you. Everyone will spot and admire your choice and your concept of showing bigger tattoos. Keep on reading and discover some hand tattoo ideas that guys will fancy.

What Can A Hand Tattoo Be?

Guys can go for anything that intrigues them and that they find fancy. If you’re someone who wants to get a sleek and cool tattoo that represents your masculine energy and that you can show to the world, consider this placement. Arm tattoos can be anything that you imagine, starting with tribal prints and going all the way up to meaningful quotes or special dates. Find your inspo down below!

How Pricey Are Hand Tattoos?

Bigger arm tattoos and half-sleeves will cost a lot more. This is what most guys gravitate to. Expect to pay around $200 for something in a bigger and colorful style. Smaller arm tattoos can go for $100. Everyone will find something that suits their style, but the final price tag will vary based on the experience level of a tattoo artist himself.

Black And White Tattoos

Colorful Hand Tattoos For Men

Ready To Give It A ”Hand”?

Let us know which one of these tattoos was your favorite?! Everyone will easily find their next best thing with this article. Let us know your preference and if you’re ready for something new!

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