32 Tattoos That Symbolize Love

by Hong Diep
What Tattoos Symbolize Love

32 Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Are you in love? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect matching tattoo that you can rock along with your partner? A lot of people spend what seems like an eternity waiting for their other half. If you’re trying to dedicate your passionate and loving side to someone you care about, you will enjoy this article! Keep on reading and find the perfect love-inspired tattoo idea for you or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

What Tattoos Symbolize Love?

Love is something personal and no one can describe it with ease. There is no universal description of this state, and every person will describe it differently. However & tattoo-wise, for most people, love is described through:

  • A heart symbol
  • Love portrait of the couple
  • Through a song
  • Through a quote
  • With a flower inspo
  • With a special date

Different Meanings & Explanations Of Love Tattoos & Symbols

When it comes to your creations & tattoo ideas, here are just some symbolism ideas that you should take into consideration:

  • Faith-love-hope was popularized due to a fantastic movie. It is a common & feminine girly tattoo idea.
  • Heart symbol or infinity symbol stands for your pure love & intentions. It is an endless symbol of connection & deep emotion.
  • Rose tattoo stands for deep romance, passion, and connection.
  • The heart stands for your romantic & pure love, as well as the connection of two souls.
  • Animals will represent your freedom & wild spirit, as well as the blend of two powerful & strong-minded characters.

Where Should You Place A Love-Inspired Tattoo?

Since it is so delicate, important, as well as personal, you should know that this tattoo deserves a unique and special spot. For most people, a collarbone placement will work. You can also consider putting it next to your heart, chest, or over your wrist (veins).

What Does This Tattoo Symbolize For Men?

For men, a love-inspired tattoo can be quite universal. Guys can stick to different elements, such as their favorite show, quote, song, or date. They are not too big on sentimental or feminine ideas.

What Does This Tattoo Symbolize For Women?

For women, the best go-to tattoo idea are usually heart symbols, as well as matching tattoo ideas. Girls will try to express their feelings through a king & queen crown, different animal prints, as well as heart matching symbols.

Which Tattoo Was Your Favorite?

Are you a romantic soul, or are you someone who doesn’t love to show emotions in an obvious way? Either way it may be, this article will have your back covered! Men and women will easily find their masterpiece, and their go-to tattoo that stands for love & pure happiness. Let us know your top-pick, as well as if you are a fan of loud & bright, or low-key and subtle tattoo ideas.

Animal Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Heart Tattoos That Symbolize Love

Gorgeous Couple Inspired Love Tattoos

Sentimental Tattoos That Symbolize Love

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