33 Stunning Red Wine Hair Color Ideas to Rock This Year

by Hong Diep
Aubergine Red Hair

33 Stunning Red Wine Hair Color Ideas to Rock This Year

In the month of Beaujolais Nouveau, our mind is fascinated by the warm red color and particularly by the red wine hair color ideas we can try!

Without any doubt, red hair color is one of the hottest trends during the fall season. It brings a warm blend to any hairstyle, just like the rich color palette of the trees, where you can see copper shades mixed with deep red wine colors.

From bright magenta to very dark deep burgundy, purple hues can flow into warmer reds and even blend into the chocolate browns and dark brown hair base – if you opt for balayage or even entire hair dye. Especially if you are looking for a totally new look and change of your style.

In a short bob, medium, with bangs, soft locks, curls, and waves, or absolutely straight long hair, red wine hair color looks great with any haircut and hair texture.

The red wine shades are exceptionally beautiful when they twist into several different shades of red and purple, and this effect is best emphasized with beautiful locks and waves.

Red Wine Hair Color Ideas and Shades

The red hair color is specific, which makes it difficult to take care of it.

One of the main reasons for this is that the difference between the roots and ends, which lighten up to orange, quickly becomes visible.

Be aware that the more you treat your hair, the more you take away from its strength, vitality, and shine.

Here is why it is preferable and absolutely a must to use hair products such as shampoo and conditioner made up for colored hair. Otherwise, some shampoos can wash away the blend of the red color, especially if the hair dye is ammonia-free.

Dying with red wine hair color requires taking care of it much more than before. Especially if you have naturally dark hair. The reason is that in order to get the brilliant red-burgundy color you should bleach your hair.

The idea is not only to have a really rich color but soft and silky hair that captivates others.

Here are some of the hottest, fruity red wine hair color ideas to choose from:

  • chocolate cherry
  • cherry bombre
  • cranberry wine
  • summer berries wine
  • strawberry cherry
  • raspberry passion

How To Choose Red Wine Hair Hues Based on The Skin Color

If you haven’t thought about the contrast between skin tone and hair color before, it’s better to consider it before you take the decision to change your look.

For ladies with a too-pale skin type, choosing red wine hair dye is not recommended. Instead, it’s better to bet on natural shades – brown, copper, and blond highlights for the beginning.

The ladies with olive skin color can try rich colors such as burgundy shades.

Women, whose skin is darker, belong to the warm shades. The difference from those with an olive color is that the olive lacks the golden or peach hues that are precisely the cause of the warmth.

Red Wine Hair Color Ideas

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