34 Lighthouse Tattoos: Popular Designs, Trending Ideas & Meaning

34 Lighthouse Tattoos: Popular Designs, Trending Ideas & Meaning

Are you someone who likes to travel? Have you ever thought about a lighthouse tattoo, its deeper meaning, and its symbolism? In some cases, this symbol can help you express like a travel lover, or truth seeker. One way for people to express their colorful and vibrant personalities is through a lighthouse tattoo. Keep on reading as we list different cute and cool concepts down below.

1. What Does A Lighthouse Tattoo Symbolize?

Lighthouse tattoos can show your path and guide in the right direction. Some lighthouse tattoos also show your protection and safety. The brighter the lighthouse, the brighter your path, and your future, as well as your adventurous spirit.

2. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Men and women can get this tattoo. There are no specific or strict rules when it comes to wearing lighthouse prints. As long as if you’re someone who enjoys to “shine bright” and you want your personality to come through, just know that you can show it all with this design.

3. How Pricey Is This Design?

Prices will vary depending on the colors and size that you choose. Simpler, smaller & black & white tattoos will go for around $100. Expect to pay around $300 for something bigger and more colorful.

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Which lighthouse print was your favorite out of the bunch? Are you someone who likes small or large prints? Let us know what you fancy when it comes to these cool lighthouse ideas, we can’t wait to see you rocking something fun from our list.

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